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25 January 2009 @ 02:36 am
Fic: Sleepover  

Title:  Sleepover
Author: tiredbutfree 
Rating:  PG-ish.
Characters:  Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagen
Summary: The Earthlings teach Vala and Teyla about sleepovers.
Author's Notes:  Well, this is my first time posting a fic in a longggg time (years, probably) And as it happens, my first Stargate fic I've posted, too. It's fluffy. Play nicely? :]



Elizabeth Weir rubs her eyes with her tired hands. She is stressed, and she is tired of this. She sometimes wondered if the SGC would be better without the military’s say. It’s not that she wanted them gone completely, but it would be so much better if they had no authority. If she could just use them as she saw fit. She sighed and opened her eyes, only to be met by a woman towering above her, beaming.

“Why, hello.” She said sweetly, before swiftly performing some twisty move (which Elizabeth quickly decided that she was not fond of) and pulled Elizabeth's hands behind her back, before cuffing her with bright pink, fluffy handcuffs.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Elizabeth shrieked. The dark haired woman just grinned a child-like grin. She pulled her back a bit, using the cuffs.

“This would be easier if you were to co-operate. I thought you, of all people, would know that.” Elizabeth had been silenced. She just glared silently. The girl put a blindfold over Elizabeth’s eyes, and guided her forward carefully. “Off we go!” She said brightly.


“Oh my God.” A voice Elizabeth couldn’t identify said. The blindfold was taken off quickly.

“Vala, what the hell were you thinking!?”

“Colonel?” Elizabeth blinked, as her eyes adjusted to the light.

“Vala, I said ‘Go get Dr Weir, NOT KIDNAP HER.” Samantha Carter screamed at the alien girl. Elizabeth considered this for a second. It wasn’t so out of character for Vala Mal Doran. She wasn’t all that shocked.

“No, Samantha, you said ‘Go get Dr Weir. Do not accept no for an answer’.” Vala corrected.

“Did you ask her first? In fact, why did you even have handcuffs and a blindfold? Where did you get them!?” Sam’s voice was getting higher as the questions flooded into her.

“Not important.” She waved Sam off. “Hi!” she smiled at Elizabeth. Elizabeth just looked at her, still handcuffed.

“Are you okay, Elizabeth?” She heard a familiar voice say.

“Teyla,” Elizabeth smiled. “I didn’t see you there.”

“Vala, where are the keys?” Sam sighed impatiently. Vala made an ‘o’ with her mouth, and pulled them from her pocket, before gently freeing Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth, I am so sorry about that.” Sam winced. Elizabeth just nodded.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“Well.” Vala strolled in between Teyla and Elizabeth, and Sam. “We thought that you Atlantis Girls may need a good, old-fashioned, girl’s night in!” She grinned, biting her lip, awaiting their answer. Teyla looked at Dr Weir questioningly.

“It’s where a group of girls, who are friends, gather in the evening to drink, talk, and have fun.” Elizabeth quickly explained, then looked over at the other two girls. Vala was still smiling, biting her lip, with her hands clasped. She was like a child, anxiously awaiting their approval of her plan. Sam, on the other hand, was leaning against the desk opposite them quite casually, with her hands in her pockets.

“It sounds fun.” Teyla said quirking an eyebrow at Weir.

“Yes, but were the handcuffs necessary?” She asked, inspecting her wrists, but flicking a glance at Vala. Vala rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry; Elizabeth, but really, I saw no other way.”
”I would have said yes if you just asked,”

“Well, now I know for next time!” She smiled brightly. “Shall we?” She gestured to the door. Elizabeth nodded and all girls followed Sam out of the small room.

They showed passes to some guards, then all piled into a car.

“Where are we going, anyway?”

“Sam’s place,” Vala grinned, excitedly. “I cannot wait to see what it’s like. I bet it’s all tidy and organized.” Elizabeth just nodded, not listening to anything that she didn’t really have to.


They arrived at a neat house, nearby. Sam opened the door, and they all stepped in. Vala was first to explore. She jumped onto Sam’s couch.

“Let’s do wine.” She smirked.


After a few hours, all girls were feeling the effects of the drinks.

“This is like those… things.” Vala slurred, having consumed a considerable amount more than any of the others. “You know.” She said shortly, as if this made them understand. All girls were silent for a second, before bursting out laughing. Vala sighed out of frustration.

“The thing!” She whined “With girls, and sleeping!”

“Lesbians?” Sam blinked, unsure of how this related.

“Sleepovers!” Elizabeth realised, pointing at Vala.


“What are sleepovers?” Teyla hiccupped.

“It’s like this… only girls do it when they’re young. They all get together with cushions and pajamas. Then they gossip and talk about boys and stuff.”

“When I was younger, we practiced kissing too,” Sam cringed. “That was my first kiss.”

“Oh, now this is getting interesting.” Vala smirked, with an all too familiar tone.

“No way,” Sam waved her hands about, her eyes half closed. She was definitely drunk now. Vala pouted.

“But…” Vala thought for a second. “You two Earth Girls have to indulge Teyla and myself in your culture. Teyla, you want to do their culture-y things, don’t you?” Teyla nodded quickly. Sam hesitated. It must have been the drink, because Sam was considering making this a real sleepover for the two alien girls.

“You’re right,” Elizabeth decided, surprising Sam. “Let’s have a sleepover!” She smiled brightly, showing her child-like self she kept so well hidden. “Sam, go get pajamas.” She ordered. Sam just nodded and disappeared, while the other girls collected everything from Sam’s bed.


Not long after, the girls were all on the floor, in Sam’s pajama’s, and ready to go.
”What do we do?” Teyla blinked, confused.

“Let’s talk about boys,” Vala smirked.

“Vala, we all know about you and Daniel.” Sam giggled, nudging Vala. Vala huffed.

“How about truth or dare,” Elizabeth said with an unfamiliar expression. Well, it was unfamiliar upon her face, at least.

“How do we-“

“Truth or dare?” Sam said to Teyla, cutting her off.

“Pick one,” Elizabeth whispered, to help her out.

“Truth..?” Teyla said, cautious of being wrong.

“Okay. Hm.” Sam thought for a second. “Have you ever kissed a girl?” She smirked. Teyla blushed hotly.

“I’m not sure that is appropriate for-“
”Everything’s appropriate at sleepovers,” Vala pointed out, suddenly very interested again. Teyla glanced at Dr Weir for conformation. She nodded eagerly, encouraging her to answer. She took a deep breath.

“Many times,” The girls all squealed at her answer.

“Teyla, I never had you down as being naughty.” Vala looked at her with a new sense of admiration. Teyla blushed slightly.

“Okay, Teyla. It’s your go now.” Elizabeth said.

“What do I… do?” Teyla exhaled hopelessly.

“You pick someone to ask ‘truth or dare’ to, then you either ask them a question, or you dare them to do something.” Elizabeth said, whilst wondering why on earth...or somewhere else… the Athosians didn’t play this game. Teyla nodded slowly.

“Okay. Elizabeth, have you ever kissed a girl?” Elizabeth was silenced. Sam leant forward, interested.

“Come on, Weir.” She grinned.

“I...” Elizabeth winced slightly. “no.” she admitted. All the girls squealed again.

“What do you mean?! How!?” Sam giggled.

“I’m so vanilla!” She groaned, burying her face in a cushion. This caused Sam to fall into a fit of laughter, but it was lost upon the other alien girls.

“Earthlings,” Vala rolled her eyes. Then she suddenly lit up.

“Oh, this is perfect.” She grinned. The other two girls straightened up. Any time Vala said “This is perfect” It usually meant “This is perfect, but at a great cost to those with me.”

“Teyla, truth or dare?” She said quickly.

“Hey! It’s not even your go!” Sam pointed out.
”Elizabeth can take my go next time,” Vala rolled her eyes. “Teyla chose dare.” She decided.

“No I didn’t!” Teyla said quickly.

“Yes you did. I dare you to kiss Elizabeth.” She sat back, proudly. Elizabeth’s eyes widened.

“Hey we never agreed on anyth…“ Teyla had crawled in front of the worrying woman, causing her to tail off.

“Come on, Elizabeth. Don’t be so…vanilla, as you say.”

“I’m beginning to like this girl,” Vala whispered to Sam. Sam shushed her, watching the other two girls.

Elizabeth became speechless as she stared into the face of the Athosian woman. The group was silent for a moment.

“Oh, come ON.” Vala said without any patience left. “It’s not so hard. Look, me and Sam will do it, wont we, Samantha?” She turned to the blonde for backup.

“Er, yes. Totally. Do it.” She said, to the two girls her and Vala were watching. Teyla’s playful smile stayed steady.

“Elizabeth, you have faced a Wraith attack, and yet, you are afraid of a girl’s lips?” Teyla asked. Elizabeth wasn’t afraid of her lips. If anything, it was quite the opposite. Elizabeth was afraid of wanting them too much.

Another moment of silence passed.

“Oh, for crying out loud!” Vala growled, exasperated. This brought Elizabeth to her senses again, away from the Athosian woman’s hypnotizing smile. Well, sort of. Maybe it was the drink, or maybe she truly could not resist any longer, but either way, she put her hand on the smooth, caramel skin of the woman’s jaw, and just kissed her.

It was a soft kiss, and despite which, it surprised Teyla. She hadn’t expected such a gentle kiss. It took Teyla’s breath away. Vala and Sam exchanged smirks with raised eyebrows. Her body seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it arched closer into Elizabeth, without the woman’s consent.  Elizabeth pulled gently on Teyla's bottom lip, earning a barely audible gasp, and Teyla deepened the kiss, craving more, but Elizabeth made sure it stayed gentle and unrushed. Teyla's hand found Elizabeth’s free one, lacing their fingers together loosely. Elizabeth liked holding hands that way. It wasn’t robotic or mechanical, with vice-like grips, it was soft and natural. It kind of reminded her of the Athosian herself.

They broke the kiss, and Teyla let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding. The two girls looked at each other, both feeling mixed emotions. Teyla wondered what this meant, what was this connection? Elizabeth was afraid, but anxious at the same time.

“Well,” Vala said, exaggeratedly putting her hands on her thighs. “We’ll leave you girls to it.” She said and dragged Sam upstairs, ignoring her protests. The two girls hardly acknowledged their disappearance.

“I don’t understand,” Teyla said quietly.

“Neither do I,” Elizabeth said softly, unable to even begin deciphering the feelings swirling in the pit of her stomach. Teyla seemed to think for a moment.

“Good.” She said quietly matching Elizabeth, she put both hands in Elizabeth’s hair and kissed her again, softly.


Hours later, they both lay barely awake on Sam’s couch, eyes closed. Teyla leant into Elizabeth, Elizabeth with her arm around Teyla and playing lazily with the girl’s hair.

“Elizabeth?” Teyla drawled, sleepily.

“Mm?” Elizabeth mumbled in response.

“I like sleepovers.” Elizabeth took a moment to smile at the alien girl she had in her arms.

“So do I.” She said, pressing a kiss to the other girl's forehead and putting her other arm around the girl, before slowly drifting asleep together.

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~~~Malea~~~: Lucy Lawless Rockjustmalea on January 29th, 2009 03:04 pm (UTC)
and now i love sleepovers too!!! alas, mine never seem to go that way. :)

very nicely done!!!